Framed Home Rules

Do you have home rules?  We try to teach our girls to be kind and loving to each other, and sometimes it is nice to have a visual reminder for us to be able to see on a day to day basis.  Today I wanted to share with you a simple way to customize a display of a printout of some home rules.  I love this project because it only requires 5 things.  Come see how I put this together, and don't forget to check out the printable files I have at the end of this post.

This is actually something that we have had in our home for over 10 years.  I change the background every couple of years.  That is the great part of this project, it is easy to put together and easy to change too if you want a different color or pattern.

Supplies needed
8x10 frame
background paper
tape/glue/glue dots
plain card stock/plain paper

I bought this frame at the local dollar store, but you can find inexpensive ones at big chain super stores.  My colorful background is a sheet of thin scrapbook paper.  You can use decorative gift wrap, card stock, scrapbook paper or even the fabric of your choice.

You will need to use your printer to print out your Home Rules.  You can make up your own, or use one of the printable files located at the end of this post.  Trim your home rules paper so it will fit nicely in the frame with enough of the decorative boarder showing.

Next you will need to measure and cut your background paper to fit in the 8x10 frame.  You will then center your home rules paper on the background paper.  Use glue, tape, or glue dots to attach the home rules paper to your decorative background paper.  Place this into your frame and attach the back of the picture frame.

That's it!  Then you can decide if you want to hang your framed home rules on the wall where everyone will see them, or display them on a table or shelf.  I can't decide if I like them better hanging in the living room or sitting on the piano.

Here is an image of the Home Rules without the scriptures listed.  I have PDF files available without and with the scriptures in this font.  I also have a PDF in a different font.

Download here:
Home Rules without scripture references
Home Rules with scripture references
Home Rules different font with scripture references

What home rules would add to the list?


  1. What a great project! I love finding frames at the thrift stores and you can do so much pretty scrapbook paper.

    1. Thanks Kim! I usually use gift wrap paper because I seem to always have so much of it. =)

  2. Thanks Joanna! That's exactly why I love this project. Easy to change up if you want to move it around.

  3. Great idea! It is a wonderful constant reminder of what your family stands for.

  4. Ali This is a great idea and a cute little project!!! Thanks so much for sharing this at Dream. Create. Inspire. Link:) hope you are a having a great weekend and take care!!!

  5. Great idea! It is a wonderful constant. i have a project, which is provide home decoration service with Chalk Boards Design

    1. Thanks for stopping by Emily! We like having it for reminders how we should treat each other. Chalk boards are fun to work with and we love them here.


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