Beauty in the Morning

There are some people that love to get up in the morning.  They start their day with a smile and energy and greet the day as if it is an adventure.  My youngest daughter is that way.  Then there are those people that like to stay up later at night and when it's time for morning, well, it's not as easy and happy.  That is definitely a description of me.  Mornings are hard for me.  Some mornings though I have to get up early.  We are going on a trip and have an early start, or I volunteer to perform service early because it really is a special situation, or there is a special activity that for some reason is at the crack of dawn.  On those days, I try focus on the good things that are happening because of waking up early.  On almost every single occasion something happens that is such a wonderful experience and makes it worth it.  For this post, I am sharing some of those special times that remind me that some things are hard, but worth it.

Early morning balloon launches don't happen every day.
beauty in the morning

descending hot air balloon

Every year the few days before the 4th of July, Provo has city wide activities including launching hot air balloons at about 6am.  I had heard about this, but had never taken my girls to see it.  So last year I got them up without telling them where we were going, we drove up to Provo and saw the balloons.  There are large crowds and you actually have to get there a few hours before the launch.  We saw the balloons while we were driving up to the city, then we drove around the area and watched them flying.  The bottom picture doesn't show exactly how amazing it was to see the balloon getting so close as it lowered to the ground.  I plan to wake them up earlier next year so we can go to the field and see all the balloons before launching.

Catching that perfect, fleeting moment of beauty
fleeting sunrise

Getting up and being out of the house at 5:45 each week is not something that I thought I would voluntarily do.  It makes it worth it though when I go out to my car and see the sky looking like this.  The colors against the clouds were breathtaking.  This lasted for an additional 3 seconds, then the sun had risen enough that the sky was not bathed in this beautiful mixture of color.

Watching the sun rise from above
Beauty in the morning

Last December we flew to South Carolina where we used to live to visit my husbands family.  It was a very special visit and it was hard to say goodbye when we had to fly home.  We had an early flight and none of us were really in good spirits.  After being in the air for about 15 minutes this happened.  We were all amazed as we watched the sunrise while we were above the clouds.

Early morning service in a beautiful place
Beauty in the morning

Every week I drive to Payson early in the morning to volunteer at this LDS Temple.  As I drive down the street and I see the temple with the lights shining brightly and the sun is rising and lightening the sky, I am always thankful for the wonderful opportunity I have.

These are some of the pictures I have that remind me to enjoy those moments of beauty in the morning, even when it's hard to be up so early.


  1. Wow, the sunrise from above is so beautiful!! What a great picture. And the balloon festival looks awesome!

    1. It was very beautiful Rachael. Thanks for stopping by!


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