Kids Art Project - Paint A Birdhouse

One of my favorite places to shop is craft stores.  I love finding new supplies and especially looking at the bargain area to see what great deals they have.  A few weeks ago my older daughter saw this wood birdhouse and wanted to bring it home to paint it.  I thought it would be a fun craft for her to work on during the summer, so this week I got it out for her.  She loved looking through all of my paints to pick out bright, fun colors.

   Supplies Used
Wooden Craft Birdhouse ($1.50)
Acrylic Paints ( .50-$1.25)

My daughter had so much fun using this assortment of bright colors while painting her birdhouse.  She planned out which colors she wanted to use on the different parts of the birdhouse.

 After she finished the first coat, she went back and did a second touch up coat of paint.

It's amazing what some paint can do to transform a plain wood decor item into something fun!
What crafty projects are your kids doing this summer?


  1. I love the bargain areas! Target often has some really great items. My oldest would have a great time painting a birdhouse. He gets sick of all the preschool craft projects we do.

    1. I was just at WalMart and they had wood things to paint for $.97. They had birdhouses, fire trucks, airplanes, and flowers. He might like that!

  2. Sounds like a really fun summer project. :) We are actually working on learning to embroider this summer with my fifth, third, first, and preschooler. The projects make the summer go by that much faster. :)

    1. I bought all the items for embroidery and thought my girls would love it...except I don't know how to do it myself! They want to do a sewing project for their dolls next.


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