Owls, owls everywhere

Owls are one of my favorite animals.  I have liked owls since I was young because my mom collected owls.  When I would go and stay the night at my grandmas house, she had a figurine of owls that played the tune "The Way We Were" and I would listen to it before I fell asleep.  Owls are so popular now and it's great that you can find items of them in all of the stores.  I recently went to a Mom's Nite Out party where we had games and the most popular prize was this cute Owl Cookie Jar from World Market.
Photo from tastefullyfrugal.org website
This is a picture of some of my favorite owl things that I have around the house.
There is my Owl iPhone 5C Case , a cute cardboard owl storage bin from JoAnn's, an owl coin bank, my owl family painting, and 2 little owl scrabble tile pendants.

I thought it would be fun to make a list of owl links from around the web.  Some of these I found on Pinterest and some were links from other blogger friends.  I hope you see something you like!  If you do like the picture, please visit the original page by clicking on the picture or the link I created at the name of the original site. Feel free to pin or share from their pages.

First is this picture Craft Me This made.  She saw a picture at Target and went home and made her own.  I love it and would like to try to make one for our upstairs hallway.  It is a base of wood with scrapbook paper Mod Podged on top.     

 Here is a cute owl signature page for a baby shower.  My Daylights has a whole post about an owl themed baby shower.  You can visit her Etsy shop to buy invitations too!      

The Centsible Life shows step-by-step how to make these toiled paper roll owls.  It's amazing what some scrap paper, felt and foam can do. 
 Butter With A Side Of Bread shared these adorable Oreo Owl Cupcakes.  My girls saw this picture and wanted me to make them for dessert.

I loved this DIY bleach t-shirt from Practically Functional when I first saw it.  I shared it on my Facebook page and others liked it to!  She says it takes 10 minutes to make.  She even provides the image you can save to make your own owl just like hers.        

Repeat Crafter Me shared this pattern to make Owl Granny Squares.   She has a step-by-step tutorial also so you can see how to make them.  If you like these, you may like the owl hats that she has on her site too.

Fry Sauce and Grits had a guest post from My Mommy Style showing how to make these owl cookies.  There is even a printable available to download.  Definitely a neat idea for next Valentines Day.         

Sharing the Wealth showed the owls she sewed.  She found the pattern at We All Sew  and made a few changes to make it her own.  Isn't this owl family cute?

4 The Love Of Animals posted a little background on a family of great horned owls that live in a tree.  There is even a link to a live owl camera where you can watch during portions of the year when they are in the nest.

ObSEUSSed shared this makeover for nesting dolls.  She wanted them to match her new Owl Nursery theme.   I thought is was an inventive idea.

Meaningful Mama shared this easy owl treats.  Strawberries, cream cheese, and brown sugar to start?  Yeah, I'm definitely going to try these out!  

This is a painting I did in March of a Family of Owls.  I painted the background, then painted little wooden owl cut-outs that I bought at the store.  Click here to see all of the steps.  This is still one of my favorite projects I have worked on.    

Creative Southern Home  shared how to make this pillow cover.  I loved that you could take it off to change the decor of the pillow.     


 Living Locurto  made these easy Owl S'mores.  I like these because you don't have to worry about ruining cupcakes if you aren't great at frosting them.

Nite Owl Creates made these paper bags decorated like owls and filled with popcorn.  What a great movie night treat these would be.  She also posted some decorative owls made with her Cricut and church activity programs.      

A Spotted Pony shared this idea for decorating a reward jar.  She gives ideas on items you can put in the reward jar too.       

I hope you liked these owl ideas.  You can also look at my Owl Pinterest Board too for other links.
What link is your favorite?


  1. Cute! My sister-in-law would love all of this. She is all about owls:)

    1. I can't decide which is my favorite. It was fun watching the live camera with the owls though. I don't know if it's still working right now though.

  2. I love owls! Your painting is SO cute!!

    1. Thanks Sydney! I let my girls pick which color they wanted for their owl. =)

  3. Count me among the owl-obsessed, so I'm definitely going to have to try all of these. Such a cute roundup! :D

    1. Welcome to the club Natalie! Thanks for visiting. =) I bought strawberries today to make the little cream cheese filled owls. Yum!

  4. Owl thinks are so adorable! Those strawberries look amazing!!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Kaylee! I'm going to try those strawberries this weekend.

  5. How cute are these owls, I am not that into them but do love a good frame or painting of an owl.


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