Fun Friday: The Tooth Ninja - Book Review

Last week my daughter lost one of her teeth.  We talked over the dinner table about what the Tooth Fairy would be bringing her that night.  Sometimes she gets money, once she got a new electric toothbrush, and a few times she has gotten a small toy.  That very day, a friend of mine had posted on Facebook about a book that her friend was trying to get crowd-funded through Kickstarter.  I love supporting small businesses and artists, so I went to the site to see what the book was and I loved the idea and decided to donate.  The book was  "The Tooth Ninja" by Stephanie Ream.

 I told my girls about the Tooth Ninja and they got very excited at the thought of a helper for the Tooth Fairy who was brave and courageous.  My girls loved looking at the e-book with me and then proceeded to play that they were helping the Tooth Ninja fight off a dragon.

"The Tooth Ninja" story is written by Stephanie Ream and illustrated by Yoko Matsuoka.  Stephanie tells in rhyme the exciting tale of a ninja who is brave, courageous, and inventive.

The Tooth Ninja is great at using the teeth to making things, so he leaves random objects under pillows for children to use their imaginations and make things also. 

The story is an imaginative and adventurous way to add to the well known story of the Tooth Fairy.  It would be interesting for both boys and girls.  The illustrations are fun and detailed.  I love the colors used and the style of the illustrations.

Here is a little background on how the legend of the Tooth Ninja started.  When Stephanie's son lost his first tooth, she told him about the Tooth Fairy but he seemed to think that there must be more to the story.  How could one fairy collect all the teeth that were placed under pillows each night?  Stephanie started to panic, then on the spur of the moment told her son about the Tooth Ninja.

Stephanie would love to share the story of the Tooth Ninja with other children.  She has a Kickstarter page where she is asking for donations so they can print the book to sell.  If you donate to her Kickstarter campaign, there are benefits for you too!  For pledging as little as $5, you will receive an e-book copy of The Tooth Ninja.  $15 will get you a signed copy of the book when it is published as well as an e-book version.  Visit Stephanie's Kickstarter page before Friday June 12th to donate to her campaign so you can get your own copy of this great book!
You can find some information at her Facebook page here or her website here.

Disclaimer:  I was asked to review this book to help reach out to a new audience that may be willing to support Stephanie's Kickstarter.  All thoughts are my own and not influenced by being given access to an e-book.


  1. Sounds like a fun book! We had quite the decision about the tooth fairy and what she leaves when our oldest first lost a tooth. We were scrambling when a friend got something different.

  2. It was a fun book. My other daughter has a loose tooth and we are thinking up new items that the Tooth Ninja could leave for her. =)

  3. Beautiful illustrations! I will definitely check out the book!

    1. Glad I could help you find a good book Marina!


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