Thrifty Finds: Super Cute Owl Sheet

It was Spring Break for my kiddos this past week and we had lots of fun seeing friends, traveling, and going to the movies.  They were good enough to tag along with me while I went to the thrift store.

Usually when I go to the thrift store, I stick to my 2 main areas of the store - crafts and books.  My girls wanted to look at the toys, so while they were hunting through the piles of toys I looked at the sheets that are at the end of the toy row.  I wasn't really thinking that I would find anything of interest.  Then I saw the cutest twin top sheet that had owls on it!
As you can tell from my logo on this page, my Facebook thumbnail and my boards on Pinterest, I really like cute owls.  So I bought this top sheet for $3.  That is probably the most that I have spent on one item of my thrifty finds ever.  But I reasoned that if I would have bought the same amount of fabric at a fabric store, it would have been about $28 or more.

This was just too cute to pass up.  I'm planning on using it to make some tooth fairy pillows or even some stuffed owls.  Click HERE to see what I ended up using this fabric for.

I have tons of ideas pinned that I could start working on. Check out some of my owl ideas on my Pinterest board and let me know which ones you like the best.


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    1. Thanks for visiting Tayler! I have a hard time passing up anything at the stores that have owls. =)

  2. Super cute sheets! Look forward to seeing what you whip up!


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