Craft Supplies: Canvas Paper

Usually on Mondays I post my Thrift Store Find for the week.  Sometimes I show the items I've bought, and sometimes I show what I've made with those items.  This week I wanted to share a great deal I found at JoAnn's.
I was up at JoAnn's shopping for some of the supplies for the Scrabble Tile Pendants that I wrote about last week. I decided to do a little wandering while I was there.  I found the section where they had discounted materials and ran across these 5x7 Canvas Paper Artists Pads. It has 6 sheets of canvas paper and it was clearanced to .50!  They had a selection of about 5 different kinds of pads.  I think I'll go back this week and see if they still have the other kinds.

I think these would be great for summer art projects for my girls.  They love to work on paintings while I'm working on my different projects.

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