Top 6 Craft Room ideas

I'm dreaming of a craft room.  One place where I can keep all my crafting supplies and work on my projects.  Right now I have my yarn in the bedroom closet, my sewing machine and storage of paper crafting supplies in the bedroom, and my paints and current projects in the kitchen. I have to work on my projects on the kitchen table, which is inconvenient when my family wants to eat dinner.  My husband has found, made, and bought me many organization and storage solutions, but I would love for it all to be in one place.

Which leads me to my exciting news!  We are in the planning stages of making changes to some rooms in our house.  When we are all finished, I will have my very own crafting area!  I've been searching the internet (okay, you got me, I've been practically glued to Pinterest) for ideas of what different craft rooms look like.  I've put together a list of what I think are some great examples. You will notice that some of the ideas are for humongous rooms, but there are also ideas for crafting in a small space too.  I wanted a good mix for readers in different situations.

1. I found this craft room makeover by Sew Many Ways a few years ago.  Hers is a huge room that I can't imagine ever having.  She has great ideas about how to store items in her craft room though that can be used in any size space.  I love all of her storage, her actual table to be able to craft on, and her going into detail on the different areas of her craft room. I also liked how she repurposed or made over items in her craft room to fit her purposes.  This was the first time I ever read about being able to make magazine holders with cereal boxes.  Looking at them you wouldn't know that is what they started out as, it's amazing what some scrapbook paper and paint will do!

2. This next room is by Honey Bear Lane.  I love her storage drawers where she keeps supplies and fabric.  Most of her furniture is from IKEA (one of my favorite stores) and if they are out of the particular item she referenced, they will generally have a different item that is quite similar.  I love her pegboard craft organizer.  It makes everything look so clean and organized.  I like it when everything has a problem is getting it back to where it belongs. =)

3. This great craft room is by Older and Wisor. Her whole room was made on a budget.  She spent a total of $75 on her craft room.  Some of her supplies were things that she already had around the house.  Many of her items you can find at garage sales, Craigslist, thrift stores, and in her case even the alley.  That great table she has to work on?  It was originally a business desk!  She goes into detail how she changed the items to be used in her craft room and I found quite a few tips.

4. Next is the Sew Woodsy craft room. Her craft room is a 9 x 9 room.  That is about the same amount of space that I will be working with, so I was excited to see how much storage she actually was able to fit in the room. Her's is a mix of IKEA (again, see how popular it is?) and items that her husband built for her. The link is for her total room reveal.  In the article she mentions specific projects in her that she has links to.

5. Next we have the crafting area for Unskinny Boppy. Her art area is a small section of their home office. I absolutely love her crafting table. I was sad to see that she bought it on clearance in 2008 so it is no longer available. She has some great wall storage for art supplies though and I know that those items are still available for purchase at.....yup, IKEA. I had seen those items at the store and in their magazine, but they always had potted plants and kitchen utensils in them.  Seeing her use them for her crafting supplies made my perspective change and I'm adding them to my (long) list of items I would love in my new craft room.

6. Our last craft room is by Sew Can Do.  Her post is specifically to give ideas on creating a crafting space in a small area.  Her crafting area is part of what used to be a small laundry room and an old kitchen.  While she doesn't have a ton of space, she sure uses what she has in an effective way. Most of her post is about the wonderful storage desk and sewing desk she was able to save for and buy.  Her general ideas for storage are applicable to any crafter though.  I love the ribbon box she uses.  It makes it so simple to cut your ribbons.

That wraps up my top 6 craft rooms.  If you want to see more ideas for craft rooms, check out my Craft Room Pinterest board.  Let me know in the comments which ideas you like and would use.  Check back in 2 weeks for my list of craft supply organization tips!


  1. Thanks so much for including my craft room Aliza - I'm very honored!

    1. My pleasure Cheryl! I can't wait to use some of your ideas for my craft room. Thanks for sharing the post too!

  2. Craft rooms are so exciting to plan! We are moving soon and I think I will be able to have one! It's what I'm looking forward to creating the most :-)
    Thank you for linking up on the Talented Tuesday Link Party! I hope you join us again this week :-)

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love checking out all the neat links on Talented Tuesday Link Party.


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