Thrift Store finds - Colorful Picture Frame

Usually when I take a trip to the thrift store, I just browse around not really hoping to find anything.  This time when I went, I was crossing my fingers that I could find another wood picture frame to buy and update.  I really liked how my last one turned out (check this post for the finished project) and wanted to make another one. 

I was having a lucky day when I went to Deseret Industries this week.  I found this square picture frame that was painted brown, had scrapbook paper, ribbon and a little button flower on it. For some reason, I love the look of the square picture frames.

  I figured that I could remove the paper, sand it down, repaint it and add paper and decorate it. I did save the flower button for a future project, or just to add to my collection of wonderful supplies.  I will post pictures of the finished project when I'm finished!

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