Ruffle Scarves

The local Jo-Ann Fabrics in my town is moving to a new location so they have discounted all merchandise in the store.  I was looking at the yarn section and found this cute yarn to make ruffle scarves.

I make these with one skein of Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn. There are different types that you can buy: Mini, Metallic, Boho, Sequin.

The Mini are bright colors (all the packages have pictures of kids wearing them, but I love the colors too!).  I can usually make one adult size scarf and two child size scarves.

The Metallic are colors are a little more muted (the bluish scarf in the top picture is an example). They are a little looser also and don't seem to "ruffle" as well.

The Boho are great multi-colors with a little edging of sparkle.  With this skein I was able to make one adult size scarf with just enough left over for a doll size scarf (it fits my daughter's doll that is the same size as an American Girl doll).

The Sequin are in rich and deep colors.

The pattern for crocheting the scarves is on the inside of the label of the Mini yarn and very easy to follow. The labels of all the other kinds are specifically for knitting.  Since not everyone will want to buy the Mini package just for the directions I will list them here.

Start 3 inches from the end of the yarn.  Insert a J size hook (that is what fits best in the hole of the yarn, but you can use any size hook really) from back to front in the next hole at the top of the yarn.  Skip 2 holes and insert hook into the 3rd hole from front to back.  In the next hole insert the hook from back to front.  Skip two holes, then insert in the 3rd hole from front to back. Yarn over by inserting your hook from back to front in the next hole and twisting the hook to catch the upper edge of the yarn.  At this point you will have what looks like 5 loops on your hook.  Hold the yarn that is on the hook with your left thumb and forefinger and hold the other loops between your forefinger and your middle finger with the same hand.  Pull the single loop of yarn through the other loops.  It can be kind of thick depending on which yarn you are using (Boho was the easiest to use and Mini was the most difficult for me), so carefully pull the yarn through so only the one loop is left on the hook.  Then repeat the steps for the rest of the scarf.  To finish the scarf, hook over and pull a 2-3 inch length of the yarn through your loop of yarn.  Then you will need to tuck the ends into the scarf so it has a tidy look.

  How long you make the scarf depends on how you like it to fit!  When making them,  I would just eye it and when I felt it was about the length that I wanted, I tried it on.  I have been making lots of them since the first one.  They are such a cute and easy crochet project to do.  My girls love them and I think they are pretty great too.  


  1. These are so cute! I need to get better at crocheting so I can start making all the cute things I see. Thanks for sharing

    1. This would be a great project for you! Thanks for commenting. =)


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