Shopping Therapy at the Jo-Ann Fabrics

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel as if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed?  That was me this morning.  I was such a grump that I decided to head out the door and lose my worries and cares at the craft store.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who encouraged me to take some time for myself and he took our little girls shoe shopping.  My husband also bought me a great gift for Christmas; a gift card for Jo-Ann Fabrics!  I took my coupons off the refrigerator and headed out for some alone time.

Wandering down the aisles was like therapy for me.  I looked at all of their holiday items, perused the aisle of cute owl fabric, headed to the clearance section, then made my way over to the crafting items.  I had four things on my list to buy: 1 wooden letter and 3 different paints.  I then thought about my gift card.  This was the perfect time for me to buy those items I had been looking at for quite a while, but hadn't wanted to spend the money on.  I decided it was worth it though.  I bought 2 cute stencils that adhere to the item and I'm hoping that this will cut down on paint bleeding under the stencil. I bought some transfer drawing paper so I can finally work on a craft I've wanted for my wall for about 8 months (and had all the supplies for too!). Here's a picture of all the great items I found, then I'll write about my best deal of the day.

As you can see in there, I do have my wooden letter and 3 bottles of paint.  I did get my list items!  I have oodles of stickers and scrapbooking items too.  Here was my best deal of the day. They have loose crafting items in these sticker packs. I bought these on sale today for $3.49 each. They are generally $6.99. I decided that since I was actually getting 2 for the price of 1, I would buy them.  After getting them home and seeing all the items included, I was so excited. The bags have 15 items inside. There were 4 different alphabet sticker sets, a gift bag, die cuts, decorative boarders, decorative stickers, and sparkle gems.  You can use these for so many different projects; scrapbooking, mixed media art, making cards, art journaling and more!  To illustrate what a great deal this pack was, one package of decorative gems is $2.99 all by itself!

All items in the bag

Items out of the bag so you can see them a bit better.

After I was done at Jo-Ann's I was in a much better mood.  I was mentally planning the fun crafts that I wanted to make and I realized that the things that were bugging me earlier didn't really matter. I posted on my Facebook site when I got home about all the neat items I found, and Jo-Ann Fabrics actually commented on my post!  That was so exciting for me.

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