Reasonably priced crafts

For the women's group at my church, we generally have a yearly activity where someone looks for reasonably priced crafts to do (either as home decor or ideas for Christmas gifts), then the ladies sign up for what they would like to do and pay for it.  Then we have a fun Saturday in the fall when we work on the crafts together, eat some yummy food, and socialize.  This year our group decided to do something different, so we had a separate activity where we did a few demos of Halloween crafts, jewelry making, and making wreaths.  I was asked to make a wreath that night and also to create a display of crafts that the ladies might be interested in.  I made up some crafts this past week and took some crafts that I had already worked on in the past and used as gifts or decor.

Crafts shown are:
Decorated Wooden Letter
Simple Wooden Nativity
Temple Block
Christmas Wreath
Homemade Rice cool/heat bags
Fall Wreath
Decopaged Votive Holder
Star Wars Pillowcase
Colorful Tile Coasters

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