Homemade Wand

What does every witch need?  A wand of course!  
Here's the finished product.
My daughter is being Hermione from "Harry Potter" and we wanted to have an accessory for her.  I didn't think that carrying around a broom would be much fun....besides, Hermione isn't great at flying and avoids brooms anyway so this is more authentic.  This past week I have been searching for chopsticks at every store within a 15 mile radius.  Thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond (and my 20% off coupon) we were able to get a package of chopsticks.  Here is what I used to make the wand.

You take a chopstick and add hot glue to it.  You can add hot glue to one section and make it really knobby there, or you can add small amounts all over the chopstick to make a bumpy wand.  That is what I did.  Then I used three different shades of brown to paint the wand.  I also put a coat of Aleen's acrylic sealer.  It made it shiny and the colors come through better.  Also it will keep it from getting ruined if wet.  The above picture is from before I added the sealant to it.

  My daughter wanted a little gold at the end so it looks like magic is coming out of it.  This was good practice for the 10 or more wands I will have to make as party favors for her birthday in March!

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